Tuesday, August 2, 2016

When it Rains, it Pours

Like, literally: in my living room.

Alt title: Honeymoon is Over.

Anyway, before I get into it, let me take you back to last week, where I joked with my friend about how we don't own a lawnmower. It's on our shopping list, because we do have a lawn, but we've owned this house for about 32 days, and the lawn has not been cut once. So, I joked to my friend that it doesn't matter, there's been no rain and the lawn is dry and dead anyway. Haha!

So, of course the torrential rains start. Downpours here and there. Then Saturday, it rained all day. All friggin day. And as I sat on my couch playing with Snapchat filters - as one does (follow me: thecrabigail), I feel a drip on my leg. Hark! Where does this damned drip come from? I look up, and I see above me this heathen ceiling boob.

These heathen boobs lactating on me. What am I even on about, and apologies to everyone who I've grossed out with that one.

Anyway, as you can see. My roof is leaking. One month after we closed.

When we had our home inspection, the inspector noted some soft spots on this part of the roof. He said we would probably have to replace the roof in a couple years, but that these could be patched easily. We asked the sellers to do this, and they refused, saying there was no leak. No leak, no work, they said. Anyway, we accepted, and here we are with a leak that's probably been stewing for awhile.

To make matters worse/more aggravating/infuriating - it look like this area has been patched (see the different textures of the ceiling - smooth/bumped), suggesting that there was a leak, and that they knew and tried to hide it.

Argh! Writing about it makes me angry all over again!

Trust: I wrote to both our realtor and lawyer. The realtor basically says "tough luck", the lawyer basically is on vacation. I don't think there's anything we can do, I don't think there's any way to prove they patched this and knew. But let it be known, Sellers: a pox on your new house. I wish you ill, you rotten scumbag.

Anyway. I've called a roofer, laid my heart out that I cannot afford a new roof right now and asked them to come and just make it not leak for one year and they laughed and said they would try, so wish me luck.

Otherwise, things have been great. We've been building track shelving, sorting toys, still unpacking, and generally getting there. Also, we bought a car, which is just crazy.

I have a vision now, of making the bedroom a beautiful, relaxing space. I'm bugging H. with paint chips and wallpaper and ideas. I hate waiting, I want to get on this, but will  have to wait and see what the damage (literally and financially) on the room before I dive into that one. Argh!


  1. I shake my fist in their general direction!!

    1. Haha! Thanks for sharing you ill will!

  2. It can be patched to stop leaking I've done it with our roof repaired it with Rubberized Cement Patch like this one http://amzn.to/2aF1vQI or this one from Henry http://amzn.to/2axBkst don't trust those roofers


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