Monday, September 12, 2016

Updating a drab bedroom!

With roofing and plumbing issues behind us, we can turn our attention to something more fun: decor upgrades - starting with our bedroom.

This project has gotten moving faster than I had anticipated. We knew we wanted to make this room nicer, more comfy, and more serene, but thought it was something that could wait. And in truth, it will take us some time to complete it. Here's what we're starting with (forgive the realness of these pics - ie portable a/c, trim taped up ready for paint, etc.)

I challenge you to find more fug sconces!

The room has a definite "cave" vibe going, with the low, angled ceilings. it's a small room, too - and some might run to their nearest contractor to expand asap.

Here's the vision:
1. Paint (done this past weekend).
2. New bed! Actually, the catalyst to getting this whole project moving was a sale at West Elm, and a stockpile of giftcards. The bed will be delivered this week!
3. Replace fug sconces
4. Replace fug blinds with curtains
5. Maybe hang a picture or two

Basically, everything from 3 onwards is yet to be determined. I mean, they will happen, but when? I don't know. So I must find the right sconces, and then I will have to hire an electrician... and if I'm going to hire an electrician, I'm going to get them to upgrade various things around the house. So, it will take some time.

I'll share paint & bed pics when the bed arrives, but beyond that is a work in progress.


  1. which bed did you get? we're also eyeballing a new bed.
    I bet you could easily and confidently deinstall and install new sconces with the help of a youtube video or three. just keep haaris around with a broom in hand to knock you off the livewire if the worst happens.

    1. We got this one:

      Yes, I probably could figure it out (I do know my way around the circuit breaker now), but I'd like some other things done/upgraded so thought I'd save myself the jolt and hire a professional!

  2. Very nice! Upholstered headboards are a nonstarter for us because of a certain cat's scratching habits.

    1. Izzy hasn't yet discovered the opportunity, and will meet the business end of a water gun if he does.


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