Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Wallpapering the vestibule

Something I've been wanting to do in the house since before we moved in, was to update the entryway/vestibule.

The previous owners had stenciled a blue & silver pattern on the wall, and while I didn't hate it vehemently, I wasn't a fan.

Something about the silver & light blue just felt a little too weak, or sickly. That probably doesn't make sense - but I'm trying to say that it just didn't strike me at all.

I think everyone likes the birch tree wallpapers that are all over Pinterest, and I think coming back from the cottage - land of trees and especially beautiful birch trees, I felt even more attracted to it. There are a few different tree-papers available, but my favorite by far is Woods from Cole & Son.

I love that white one, but it wouldn't really suit our entryway, or the gold-framed mirror that hangs in there, so I chose it in the darker grey/white combo.

I have never wallpapered anything before. When I went to the Home Depot to buy wallpaper supplies I was told it was a "lost art" and they didn't really carry supplies because nobody does it. Annoying! FYI, Home Depot, if you're on Pinterest at all, you'll know that wallpaper has made a comeback. But, anyway. I did what I could, and was able to get paste at the HD.

Saturday, as L. napped, I 'papered. It was pretty easy, but don't look too carefully because there are definitely some mistakes in there. But, voila!

I'm pretty happy with the result! I can't stop looking at it, and I can stop opening my front door to gaze upon it as a visitor would! I'm pretty sure my neighbors think I've lost my mind. But, whatevs. I'm happy.


  1. how hard was it? ive been considering papering my small den

    1. This wallpaper, which was high quality ($$) and thick and beautiful was pretty easy. I bought another roll for a wall in our bedroom - from a very popular and stylish wallpaper company, was not of the same quality and was thin - and after fighting with it for over an hour (one panel), I tore it off and gave up. So, if it's high quality, it's pretty easy. Don't cheap out.


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