Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Bedroom update

OK! So, our bedroom makeover is ongoing, but I'll share some of the changes with you.

First of all, you've already seen my dancer paintings.

I probably could have straightened those before taking a pic, but oh well. What you are about to see is a pretty raw photo of the room - un-staged to the Nth.

So, first and foremost, we had to paint the walls. As you may recall, they were beige.

Bleh. We decided to go for a soft grey, with some blue undertones that we thought would go with the wood trim. It actually turned out to be ever-so-slightly lavender.

As you can see, we also painted the ceiling! It's a small room, with a pretty low and angled ceiling, and I think the singular color works well for the space.

Next up, we bought a new bed! I've been hoarding West Elm gift cards for some time, and when a sale finally came along I jumped and was able to score a bed that I love using 99% gift cards! We went with the Mid-Century Button Tufted Bed in Tweed.

The cars and trucks on the headboard basically live there. I told you this was un-staged!

Those weird streaks on the left... I think that's sunlight? Or a ghost - they aren't there in real life!

Love it. And love dumping my old full-size Ikea bed for a grown-up, beautiful, queen sized beauty!

I had originally planned on wallpapering the wall behind the headboard, and had even bought some wallpaper to do so. But I started and it was a massive, huge fail. It just would not work, so I gave up and removed the evidence. Totally bummed - especially since I bought wallpaper and wallpaper ain't cheap - but I didn't want to get stuck with something I wasn't happy with.

There is still work to be done - hanging curtains and getting rid of those yucky blinds (I hate blinds). And replacing the fugly sconces. But so far, I'm so super happy with the changes. And so is Izzy.

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