Sunday, January 1, 2017


Oh, what a cliche. I disappear for near two months, and come January 1 I return like nothing ever happened. But what did happen? I don't know, I can blame lots of things: toddler parenthood, full-time employment, dedicated laziness. I can also blame the election, the result of which has truly sent me into a dark place. Fuck, it's bleak.

Now it's January 1. Of my goals from last year, I haven't really achieved any of them, except maybe the purge. I did save money, but then I spent it on a house. And a car. And a new f*cken roof. So, a semi-achievement, I guess.

I was on track for reading more, and I was soaring up through my Goodreads Challenge, until I moved to NJ and now I commute on a train that just makes me... soooo... sleeeepy.

So, let's rewind, or fast forward. Can we pretend 2016 never even happened? How many millions of people are on board with that idea?

2017: A New Hope.

Actually a sunset, not a sunrise.

What's on our plate for this year? Let's try:

1. Sew More.

Like last year,  I need to challenge myself more to improve my sewing skills. My sewing machine has been pretty quiet since we moved, so let's pick that back up.

2. Always Save Money.

Always. So hard.

3. Fix L's Eating Habits.

Which are bad and not improving. My approach this year is to get him involved in the cooking and preparation, in the hopes that he'll be more invested in it and will eat it.

4. Cultivate a Garden.

My backyard is a (mostly) blank slate. I did some fall planting - which I will write about soon, but I'm also planning to grow a healthy and fruitful herb garden.

5. Read More.


Now we will get into the hippy woo-woo stuff:

6. Banish (Reduce?) the Negativity.

I am a sarcastic, cynical and judgey person. I know it and I'm not all that happy about it, and I want to try and coax my thinking into a more positive, open and optimistic place. This will be hard with our incoming president, I realize. I will remain cynical, negative and closed to him and his cabinet and his handlers forever.


  1. 2017: A New Hope. ALL OF THIS. And being cynical, negative and closed to Trump is being rational friend. I support you forever.

    1. Thanks buddy, and can't wait to follow along on your new blog too! here's to a great year of writing!


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