Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Small Joys in Dark Times: Gifts to Myself

I'll try to take a break from my seething rage at the state of this particular union. We are all trying to navigate these events, and trying to preserve our sanity and nerves while voicing our outrage at what's going on. I've been thinking about how to find small joys here and there, and that for the most part (for me at least) that has been within the walls of my home - my family, my little house.

But ah! My little house. What a treasure trove of surprises it has been. There was the roof, of course. The plumbing too. And then, a few weeks ago we lost power to the entire second floor. So, I called an electrician - and bless that honest man - he told me that it sounds like the power company's fault and not something internal. So, I called the power company and they came and fixed it! Or, so I thought...

Then my dryer stopped working, and I called an appliance repair person who came and told me it was my electrics! That I only had 110v coming into my house, and then he looked outside and saw that when the power company had come and "fixed" it last week they had just taken my meter off and left it on the ground... Free electricity! So, I called the power company again, and they said I have to call an electrician to repair some external wires, but they would send a truck just to check again just in case. And they sent two trucks, and after some fiddling they fixed it all, and said I didn't have to call an electrician after all.

It has been an emotional roller coaster.

But anyway, back to my small joys. My house, with all its issues, is a joy. My husband and child are huge joys. My dog and cat: also joys.

Oh, did I tell you about the squirrels? The ones breaking into my attic? Those little bastards! Did I tell you that I, Little Miss 'fraid of Heights, have climbed onto my own roof twice to try to tackle their point of entry? This is definitely ill-advised, but I am at war with these rodents and I am prepared to win. The most recent trip roofside seems to have done the trick - or they've moved on. But I still need to go up there again just to replace some of soffit the little fuckers have tampered with.

But more joys... back to joys. I bought myself these pencils.

I love these pencils. I love Anchorman. When I saw these, I knew I had to buy them for myself. A little gift that cracks me up! The are from Earmark on Etsy.

Another gift from me to me was this cat mug.

That I bought from Keep Company Ceramics. I really love handmade mugs, and not only is this particular mug so adorable with the cats, but it's also a lovely small size and shape. In fact, I can *almost* drink a whole mug of coffee before it gets cold. Almost.

Another little cutie I bought myself was this Cabbagetown tote bag.

If you're savvy about your Toronto neighborhoods, you know Cabbagetown. If you're savvy about me, you know this is where I grew up and where my family still lives, so quite near and dear to me. These totes are from the Cabbagetown B.I.A. and I bought mine at one of the increasing number of cute shops in the neighborhood. Always nice to rep C-town when out and about.

Ok, those are my recent joyful treasures. Here's to the little thing that help us maintain our sanity in the coming months & years and always.

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