Thursday, February 2, 2017

Dining Chairs: the Myth of Target's Porter Mid Century Chair

We bought our little dining table almost 3 years ago, and we still haven't found chairs.

I hate these chairs, which are ugly, old Ikea ones. Not only are they ugly, they're also uncomfortable, and they don't even fit this table.

The table, which is no longer available from West Elm, has been so problematic. It is very easily scratched and scuffed, and the table legs are so narrowly spaced that I'm not sure any chair would fit between them.

But then a couple weeks ago, H. and I were browsing the aisles at Target, and we saw their Porter Mid Century Dining Chairs - they were/are stylish, affordable, and narrow!

They are also, I believe, a myth.

Sold in sets of two, they cannot be bought online and are out of stock or unavailable at every single Target from what I can tell.

Yet Target still lists them on their website, and stores still carry a single floor model. It's infuriating! I thought about how far I'd be willing to drive, and searched those towns. In fact, when I searched Wilkes-barre, PA they were available, and yes I'd drive 100 miles if need be. But when I added to my cart to pick up in store, they didn't have 2 sets available; only 1... So I searched even further than I was actually willing to drive, and it was the same - in those rare case where a store had stock, they only had 1 set available. 

Is this some kind of Target conspiracy? Do these chairs exist, and every person in the country has them but I missed the memo? 

Will I never find dining chairs?

Should I sell this table on Craigslist for the troubles it causes me?


  1. If finding chairs to fit your oddly narrow table is hard I say give up on the table and start over - especially if the table easily scratches and scuffs.
    Also, now that you're in a house vs. an apartment could you not go for something a bit bigger if you wanted?

    1. Yes, possibly I should! We could manage a slightly bigger table, and certainly something rectangle that accommodates chairs. But then again, the idea of finding just the right table & chairs is also somewhat overwhelming!


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