Monday, March 12, 2018

Garden Dreams for 2018

Last spring I had big dreams for growing a beautiful garden. Flowers, herbs, maybe a squash. It started off well, I tilled and fertilized, mulched, weeded, planted. I also discovered that we already had some beautiful plants that just needed a little love after a few years of neglect, including loads of roses!

Not roses, obviously.

They are so wonderful, it's lovely to look at them again now!

Neighbors told me that a woman lived in our house for a long time who was an excellent gardener, and the roses and other perennials (that are mostly not faring well these days) were hers. However, most of these have been neglected between her tenure here and ours.

When we moved in I had to unearth a number of hostas that had been planted into the ground within their plastic pots. Who does that??  But I have no beef with hostas. I hated them at first, and dug up a bunch of them (hence how I discovered they had been planted in their pots), but after trying and failing to kill them, I now have respect for their hardiness. Rock on, hostas. Rock on.

Anyway, things were going swimmingly last summer, but as my pregnancy progressed and I got bigger and more uncomfortable, and it got hotter and stickier, it became more difficult for me to keep up with the work that was required and I couldn't keep up after mid-July.

This year I am not pregnant (hooray!), so I'm planning a full summer's worth of work, which is to:

1) Keep the roses blooming through the summer.
2) Plant a "cottage garden" in the front and the back
3) Maintain and use my herb garden
4) Stay on top of the weeding
5) Nurse a long-neglected azalea back to health

When autumn comes, I plan to re-seed my lawn and nurse it back to health (at least back to green) without the use of chemicals and pesticides.

It may be a tall order, and will definitely test my need for instant gratification, but I'm absolutely determined to nurse the garden (front and back) back to its former glory.

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