Sunday, May 27, 2018

Painting the kids' room: take 2

The times they are a-changin. (Ron Burgundy had never heard that song).

Gratuitous Anchorman quote achieved!

When we moved into this house, we painted L's room a dark color - English Channel, it was called. H. and I both liked it, it was a lovely dark blue.

It went from this:

To this:

At the time, we didn't want to paint the trim, so we left it. And honestly, we did kind of crappy paint job because we couldn't get the painters tape off the trim. You can see it in these pics.

Anyway, almost two years later and now this is the shared room of both L and S, but L declared the room was too dark and scary. To be fair, it was dark. And the wood trim just made it look dated and darker.

After a long break, I've been feeling more and more like I can achieve desired changes in my house (not being pregnant is awesome), so I was ready to tackle this room and paint the trim. But, I really didn't want to sand it. Or use stripper to get the gloss off. Basically, I wanted to do it a semi-lazy way, so I bought an oil-based primer instead and primed the heck out of those mofos. And then two coats of paint on the trim.

For the color, we (actually L) chose Ethereal Mood by Behr, and it was a very fine choice.

It is so, so light in there now, and really lovely. Have you ever been so happy with how a room turned out, that you keep making excuses to go and look at it again? That was me for about 5 days after finishing the room.  Painting the trim was so worth the effort. And instead if using painters tape, we just used an angled brush and a little bit of focus: also worth it.

The whole second floor of our house has wood trim, and seeing how nice this looks in the kids' room; we've decided to paint it all white. At some point when we are full of energy and focus...

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