2014 Get 'er Done List

2014 Goals!

1. Get a driver's license. Yes friends, I will be 35 in February and I do not have a driver's license. I've never needed one. I grew up in downtown Toronto with a Metropass and strong walkin' legs. And I now live in NYC with a Metrocard and.. uh... taxi fare. 

But the time has come to do what most 16 year-olds can do. Because. But you know what holds me back? FEAR. 16 years olds are stupid and so not scared. I am old and wise and scared, so scared. But I'm going to do it.

2. Learn Photoshop. Yeah, I have it. And sometimes when I have the time to figure it out, I will be able to figure it out to a basic degree. But I'd like to be better. So, yeah, Photoshop.

3. Write more bloggy posts. This year I wrote, I believe, 34 posts. Lame. I'm not going to write every day, but I am going to aim high! 100+ posts in 2014! That's 100+ sweet, sweet nothings!

4.  Go a month without sugar. Friends, I am an addict. Sugar. Sugar sugar sugar. This is probably the loftiest goal, but I would like to go a month without sugar. If I can do this, I will treat myself to something really special. Like a DSLR camera.

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