I'm Abby. Or Crabby. Or Crabigail, if it suits you.

I started this blog as a way to log all the things I wanted, but couldn't have, as a way of saving money for our honeymoon. Since then, it has evolved and devolved to include:

* absolute nonsense
* the books I read
* the furniture I want
* being a mom to two cute babes
* sewing some stuff
* having a jerk cat
* setting goals and occasionally meeting them

Which is to say, this is really a blog about nothing and everything.

  I still cover all the things I covet and can't have. Every once in awhile I can have them.

I did live in Brooklyn, but have recently bought a house and moved to the suburbs of New Jersey, with my boys. I'm still getting used to it.

Email me if you'd like thecrabigail@gmail.com 

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