Apartment Tour

The Living Room

The Bedroom

The Guestroom / Library / Sweatshop

 The Impossible-to-Photograph Office


  1. goddammit, you guys have a beautiful apartment.

  2. Yes, I second that! Your place is so nice, your lovely furniture is so well chosen and you have so many interesting collections. I love collections. Weirdly I can't remember seeing the "office" when we were there. Anyway. Here is my question for you though, Habbs. Is it always this neat and tidy? If yes, then what is your secret?

    1. Thanks Elissa! I wish it was always so tidy. Usually there is an Easter egg hunt of coffee mugs littered everywhere, and a blanket of unread issues of the New Yorker. That bastard is weekly - no way to keep up!

  3. I just found you through Hodge:podge and I am completely in love with your apartment. Your style is so fresh and unique.


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